Yoga Retreat with Spiritual Purification in the Peruvian Jungle

Date: February 7, 2022 – February 16, 2022 (from Monday till Wednesday)

Location: Tambopata, Puerto Maldonado – Casa Amazonas (Monday and Tuesday), Tres Chimbadas (Wednesday to Wednesday)

Puerto Maldonado: located in the south-eastern part of Peru on the banks of the Madre de Dios River, in the Peruvian Amazon. It is the capital of the Madre de Dios region and the province of Tambopata.

Double and triple rooms are offered.

Meals: (breakfast, lunch, dinner) meets all the conditions for ayahuasca diet and yoga retreats, so it is largely vegan and vegetarian, with a balanced range of fish and poultry.

About the organizers:

Zuzka Bartáková (Whatsapp +420 607650787):

Martina Doležalová (Whatsapp +420 731127528):

In summary:

The retreat program combines traditional Hatha yoga practice and relaxing yoga styles (yoga nidra, yin yoga, restorative yoga) with deep spiritual purification and knowledge of the Amazon jungle. While Zuzka arranges the presentation of the jungle and its beauties, Martina leads yoga lessons as well as a chocolate ritual, a purification ritual with palo santo (sandalwood) and other.

Thanks to the cooperation with the local shaman Gil, those interested will also be able to experience deep spiritual knowledge through ayahuasca ceremonies, right in the middle of the virgin jungle in the reserve.

The program also includes a visit to the native community


The participation in the deeply cognitive ayahuasca rituals requires some preparation, so it is absolutely essential that everyone who wants to participate in these rituals (it is possible not to pay and omit them) to notify Martina in advance of:

1. All currently used drugs,

2. All operations and important interventions that have taken place in the last quarter of the year,

3. All heart operations and other major operations,

4. All dysfunctions physical and mental.

The use of drugs and pharmaceuticals such as antidepressants, etc., cardiac devices and similar devices are completely eliminated with the use of the madre medicine, “soul vines”.

Before the actual trip, there will be an online meeting for the retreat participants via Google Meet, where important instructions and information will be provided. The date and time of the meeting will be specified.

Program in detail:

Monday: From Puerto Maldonado Airport, we set out to see the centre of Puerto Maldonado. Afterwards, we go to a zip line and suspended bridges adventure centre, kayaking on the river Madre de Dios and to explore the Monkey Island. We will spend the night at Casa Amazonas.

Tuesday: Morning will be dedicated to meditation, yoga and the welcoming ritual. In the afternoon, we will visit Amazon Shelter – a rescue station for jungle wildlife founded by dedicated Mrs. Magala who will guide us through the station and acquaint us with the fate of the individual animals and the issue of animal protection in the Amazon. Evening yoga and meditation. We will spend the night once again at Casa Amazonas.

Wednesday: On this day we will get to know how the Ese Eja community lives. We will see what crafts they do and what their traditional folklore legacy is. We will be able to buy some handcrafted products, such as earrings or seed necklaces, including the popular protective huaruro. Then we’ll continue by boat for about two hours to our retreat center, Tres Chimbadas Lodge. After dinner, we will end the day with a unique experience, observing several protected species of caimans in the lake. Under the shining night sky, we will listen to the sounds of the night jungle and perceive its tremendous, pulsating, healing energy in quiet silence.

Thursday: Breakfast, guided meditation, relaxation (a possibility of swimming in the river, individual walks, etc.), noon yoga (since we are close to the equator where the sun rises and sets at about the same time, noon yoga has a strong charging effect of solar energy), lunch, afternoon siesta (own activities) and around half past four an educational walk to observe the life in the night jungle. After dinner, a relaxing and healing yoga nidra session.

Friday: A short early morning trip (at dawn) to a parrot clay lick. This is followed by breakfast and a visit to a local farm, where we will taste a lot of interesting fruits, including cocoa etc. We will have the opportunity to pick and buy various fruit to taste. After this trip, we will have lunch and siesta. In the afternoon, there will be a yoga session. The dinner is followed by a cleansing ritual with palo santo and spiritual and mental preparation for the Saturday’s ayahuasca ceremony.

Saturday: After a very modest breakfast we will have an all-day ayahuasca ceremony (lunch is not served, but we will drink a lot of water, which we will work with during the day as an element of yin energy compensating for the day’s solar); after the ceremony, we will treat ourselves to a cleansing bath in the river and a plentiful dinner.

Sunday: After breakfast, we will take a pleasant and easy walk through the jungle followed by relaxation. Light veggie soup will be served for dinner and at 7pm we will start the night ayahuasca ceremony (we will work with the yin energy of night, which we will polarize on the altar with yang energy) ending at midnight.

Monday: After a hearty breakfast, we can spend the whole day as one wishes; it can be used for contemplation and rest, individual walks etc. Lunch and dinner will be served at standard times. In the afternoon, we will have a yoga lesson and after dinner meditation with healing vibrational frequencies.

Tuesday: A trip to Lake Cocococha (and a canoe ride) where unique huge otters can be seen. On the way back, we will get to know the medicinal herbs of the Amazon, from sangre de drago to chuchuwasi. We will also taste cordoncillo (when we literally have a wooden mouth for a few minutes – they use the local plant as an anesthetic for toothache), we will try quinine (which belongs to the Peruvian state emblem) and will drink water from bamboo. We will observe sunset from La Torre, a 40-meter high tower from where we can also observe flying ara parrots. Afterwards, we will have space for packing and saying goodbye to the jungle. Dinner will be followed by a farewell cocoa ritual (whoever plays a musical instrument that can be transported, bring it please to share some music together during the ritual).

Wednesday: After an early breakfast, departure for the Puerto Maldonado Airport.

Note: Around the accommodation (bungalows) there is a network of trails, which can be walked alone or with Zuzka as a guide. It is an alternative for those who would like to skip some ceremonies or request extra activities.


Ideally, take only those cosmetic products that are biodegradable with you. However, we do recommend a strong repellent, even chemical, also incense sticks with lemon grass etc.


1) Price of lodging at Tres Chimbadas Lodge (including all the transfers and tours as well as full-board): 90 USD night/person

2) Price for the Monday and Tuesday night at Casa Amazonas: 50 USD night/person

3) Ayahuasca price: 50 USD person/ceremony

4) Zuzka’s services: 1500 CZK stay/person 

5) Martina’s services: 2000 CZK stay/person (includes all yoga and rituals with the exception of ayahuasca which is led by a local shaman)

Points 1 and 2 are paid individually in dollars on the spot.

Points 3 and 4 form a non-refundable deposit before the trip.

What the price does not include:

  • flight tickets
  • travel insurance

Ideally, bring the US dollar as a currency, which you exchange at the airport or elsewhere (you can also pay directly with it somewhere).


After the retreat, there is a possibility to:

a) Return from the airport in Puerto Maldonado to Lima and from there back home

b) Embark on a two-week sightseeing tour through Peru accompanied by the official guide Zuzka Bartáková (it is already quite full, so it is necessary to register as soon as possible); the tour includes Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Puno, Titicaca lake (Taquile island and several floating islands), Arequipa, Colca canyon, Nazca, Ica, Paracas and Lima

c) Continue travelling on your own (the nearby area of ​​Cuzco can be explored with a basic or almost zero knowledge of Spanish, simply in English) – many recommendations are offered on Zuzka´s or Martina’s blog

d) Continue together with Martina (who is not a guide) to the region of Huaraz and Caraz

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