The largest country in both South America and Latin America, the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the sixth most populous. It is also one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse nations, due to over a century of mass immigration from around the world. Its Amazon basin includes a vast tropical forest, home to diverse wildlife, a variety of ecological systems, and extensive natural resources spanning numerous protected habitats. This unique environmental heritage makes Brazil one of 17 megadiverse countries, and is the subject of significant global interest.

Local farming and cooking in Cascavel.

Interview at Radio Capital FM, Cascavel.

Off Road on a beach stretch in Northern Brazil.

Natural Pools of Pajucara – Jangada Boat Trip.

Beach Yoga in Maceió, Northern Brazil.

Various bits from Maceió Brazil.

How to Eat a Crab in Northern Brazil.

Carnival 2019 II – Maceió.

Bits of Maceió.

Carnival 2019 I – Maceió.

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