Reviews of cultural events

For several years, Martina was reviewing ballet and dramatic performances as well as concerts in various Prague scenes for the page

Her reviews were also quoted by the National Theatre:
Recenze baletu Sněhová královna (str. 33) ||Recenze baletu Myšák Plyšák (str. 18) || Recenze baletu Faust (str. 5) || Recenze baletu Othello (na str. 6) || Recenze baletu Šípková Růženka (str. 14)|| Recenze baletu Causa Carmen (str. 6) || Recenze baletu Amerikana III (str. 22)

Literary magazines

Martina published reviews of literary works, films, etc. in various literary journals, e.g. in Tvar:
Tvar 11/2008, recenze románu Sebranci autorů Bratršovská, Hrdlička (str. 22) || Tvar 9/2007, recenze filmu Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (str. 14) || Tvar 8/2016, Kufr s milenkami a jiné příběhy – recenze (pro předplatitele) ||


Martina enjoys traveling. If you are a subscriber to the Reflex Paid Zone, you can find some of her texts about Vietnam: here

Arts, singing, guitar and dance

Martina enjoys the art of photography, video-editting, painting and DIY. She likes singing, playing the guitar and dancing.

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